Refund Return Cancellation Policy

We here at “Pro Assignmentor” try to deliver the best services to our users and user satisfaction is of utmost importance to us but in case a user finds service rendered unsatisfactory or wants to make a refund request by canceling the work order, below are the refund rules.

User must read the rules before availing the services and user agrees to these refund rules by using our website and its services.

ELIGIBILITY FOR REFUND:All our prepaid services are non-refundable unless you do not receive the timely delivery of the solutions. In case of delays in forwarding solutions, we refund the entire amount paid to us through same mode of payment. In case you are dissatisfied with our services in the case of 24 * 7 full course help, you can request a refund within the first 3 days of using the service. A refund can be requested only after canceling the 24 * 7 full course help service that you are using. Cancellations and request for refunds are both facilitated over communication from our team members. After placing a request for a refund, our executives will respond to your request within 3 working days. You can also “Contact Us” for any clarifications.

1) Payment done but work not started yet: In case just after making the payment user decides not to avail the services and work has not been started yet, complete amount paid by the user will be refunded.

2) Payment done and Work in progress: If user wishes to make a refund request by cancelling the order while work is in progress, Amount will be refunded based on how much work has been completed and the efforts and resources that have been put to do that. In case the work has already been completed, no refund request can be made on the grounds that order is being cancelled.

3) Payment done and work has been completed: In case user is not satisfied with the quality of service provided, they can raise the issue by contacting us and their complaint will be looked into. Though our team tries best to resolve user’s complaints, in case our team is not satisfied with complainant’s case no refund will be made. If our team is satisfied with complainant’s case, a refund will be made and amount for the same will be decided by team as per the case.

RETURN POLICY:Our return policy is applicable for our long term services, such as 24*7 full course help. In case you are dissatisfied with the service, you can return our digital services within the first 3 days of use. We will make a full refund for the charges paid.

CANCELLATION POLICY:Our services are prepaid and a cancellation following the delivery of work is not possible, except for 24*7 full course help service. For the cancellation of 24*7 full course help service, please find the details above in ELIGIBILITY FOR REFUND,Refund policy